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A quick introduction!

The Green Dream Team ~Helping Hearts~  is a group of volunteers committed to making a positive impact on the city of Thunder Bay. We are run by a group of parents & caring citizens who want to make a greener and safer community. Our children are the driving force behind the team. We do community cleanups as well as volunteer to help other charitable organizations. The Blessing Boxes we are placing around the city hold non perishable items for those who are in need.

A little bit about The Green Dream Team!

The Green Dream Team is the summer portion of our group. 

At least once a week (sometimes upwards of 3 times a week) we gather as volunteers and cleanup areas around the City of Thunder Bay.

Between April 8th and November 18th, 2018 we gathered 364 bags of garbage off the streets and out of the parks. Over 2500 used needles were picked up and properly disposed of. 

All events can be found on our Facebook page.

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We have every intention of having the same dedication in 2019 

A little bit about Helping Hearts

Helping Hearts is the winter portion of our group.

We have been diligently working on making and installing Blessing Boxes in different areas around the city. 

We also will be holding hot chocolate walks. We will frequent the Kam River Park area, Simpson and May street areas and hand out warm cups of hot chocolate and baked goods to people in need of a nice warm drink and a snack on our cold winter nights. 

We will also be gathering volunteers to join us in helping out at the Underground Gym on Simpson street. 

All events can be found by visiting our Facebook page. 

Please feel free to visit our Facebook group! You can keep up to date with everything we are doing, including events! 

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