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Ashlee Burton

"I took it upon myself to start this group up again this year (2018), both as a concerned parent and for my great love of Thunder Bay and its citizens. I believe in change and that groups like this are much needed here in order to make a positive impact on our community. The group has flourished and I'm blessed to have 8 dedicated admins that make up the best team I could ever ask for. I look forward to meeting new people and making efforts to help contribute to much needed change and inclusiveness in our community" 

Melissa McMahon

Team Administrator

"I joined the group in June 2018. My (oldest) daughter and I went to one of the cleanups and I saw how much passion Ashlee had for what she was doing. I was battling with severe anxiety and being a part of something so amazing, being surrounded by such caring and supportive individuals has helped me tremendously. All 3 of my kids are also involved, my 13 year old (Dakotah), 10 year old (Rebecca) and 4 year old (Lexi) have all been to cleanups and blessing box related events. The kids and I are looking forward to all future events and things this amazing team has planned."

Eric Klagas

Team Administrator

"I joined the group in the spring of 2018 because I was interested in doing something to help our community. Since then, I have met a lot of interesting people and have made some great friends. Its been a great experience to see this group grow into a group of people who want to help make Thunder Bay a better place. We all know some of the issues in our city, and anything, no matter how small, can make a difference in someone's life for the better. I am surprised how many people care about our city and are wanting to do their part to help out those in need"

Tim Borg

Team Administrator

"I joined the green dream team to help keep public places in your neighbourhood clean and safe for everyone".

Dan Chiarello

Team Administrator

"I had been looking for a community group to team up with and The Green Dream Team was doing some amazing work cleaning up neighbourhoods to make them safer for kids, animals and everyone in the area.  After meeting with them through social media, I realized how strong their commitment to the community was.  Their generosity and devotion to making this community a better place to live is second to none. I am proud to be a part of this team getting my hands dirty in the field and by sharing some of my technical experience with digital images and the group's website design/content."

Steven Cherniski

Team Moderator

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay and had moved to Calgary for 10 years. When I came back, I saw that there needed to be something done and found this amazing group with the want to keep our city safe and clean. I have been part of this group since June of 2018 and will be for a long time. Keeping the city clean and safe for our children and adults.

Darcy Penasie

Team Moderator

For a city I love.

The beautiful hearts in this group.

I know we will make a difference.